Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twitter Desktop Application Trial

I am a bit of a tech freak... I love twitter and the way it is so devoid of junk (unlike its fat friend Facebook)

I love programs that save me time and help me catch up with my twitter family and friends so i decided to try all the applications i could find that provide this service for windows

I was already using TweetDeck so i will start there...
Tweetdeck is a power app, Twitter isnt the only client it supports. It will home Facebook too.
Lay out is good, Input box at the top and then columns beneath. Drag your photo's to the input line to upload to tweetphoto.

Next i moved on to twhirl (seesmic)
while i like the look of the program the layout and features are not so well planned. basically its not as easy to use.
still it has tabs at the bottom that show your followers which is useful.

My next escapade was with digitweet which to be honest i still havent made up my mind about.
It looks nice when you open it, it has nicely defined columns for DMS, Tweets, Replies etc... and a nice touch your profile column showing your tweet count (handy for those who like to celebrate tweet milestones lol)  YES i really am a girly geek !
also with digitweet the column can be expanded to take up most of the window as shown in the 2nd screen shot of digitweet
input in easy and has dedicated buttons to link to tinyurl and twitpic and can be hidden ( most of the programs allow input box hiding)

on to Spaz... dont like the name for a start.

basic looking and features are hidden in a menu you have to click on to use which is pointless.
all in all not great but however its perfect for users that want a simple interface

Blu was next up, However this is for vista and windows 7
its what you'd expect from a vista/win7 program.... very pretty but basically its got a few issues and stability problems... lovely design though. I think with work this could be a good program for us aesthetic minded people. EDIT What i failed to mention is that Blu has no photo upload support!

ok 2 more and I'm done 

The next memory hog i tried DestroyTwitter, like TweetDeck its got a great layout and it nice to look at.
Also it has the most options out of all the programs i tried, for image posting and link shortening. 
I have decided to give it a try at least for a few days.

Lastly on to Trillian 
yes Trillian supports twitter and facebook plus the usual messengers
however trillian is basic text only and doesnt support uploading photo's in itself.
i still use it for messaging though.

So For Twitter clients i reccomend TweetDeck and DestroyTwitter 

easy to use pretty and not at all boring. However all these will make your computer run hot and use pretty much of all your available memory, with the exception of Trillian. I guess the more you want to do the hotter it will get.

However if you want a mobile twitter client i can highly reccommend Snaptu for free or Gravity IF you are willing to pay.