Monday, June 28, 2010

Road Trip !

OK So some of you will know that i have just moved to the states and that to get here, my sister and my son and I took a road trip. We drove from Chicago to Sacramento.
Above is the actual map of the journey, and here are the facts.
  • 2278 miles 
  • 5 motels
  • $318 in gas
  • $722 Rental car
  • $307 motel fee's
  • $100 in food and supplies 
 The first night was spent in a Motel 6 in Chicago, looked ok from the outside but the room was a bit grotty ! but seriously after expecting a barrage of questions or some kind of interview at Immigration (which did not happen... they didn't even ask if i was who i claimed to be) i was glad to have a bed and sleep.

    Grinnell Iowa, our first driving day motel during a thunderstorm !

    The Rockies ! absolutely breathtaking !

    we visited the Arches national Park.  It's a stunning place well worth visiting and I would definitely go ago but maybe in winter as it was 104F the day we went. also take a lot of bottled water.

     My Son who was brilliantly behaved for 98% of the trip and who can blame him for being a little grumpy.
    Even I after 8 hours in a car got grumpy

    we wanted to stay at this hotel in Utah but ran out of funds.
    Then Disaster !
    My Sisters Debit and credit card got blocked by the bank because she had used them in 4 different states !!!

    we had to stop and call the international dept of the bank... 20 minutes on hold and 50 Quarters later we got some joy. This is where we stopped to make the call.

    Helper, UT

    Lovelock, NV
    Our Last Motel, the Covered Wagon.. old dusty looking place but deceptive.
    they even had free wifi as you can see.
    The room was large and clean and had a kitchenette the bathroom was a little cramped but hey no worries i didnt spend much time in there.

    Finally a sign i can get excited about !

    ARRIVAL !!!!!!

    I finally made it after 6 days traveling in total... Tired? Yes Emotional? Yes and Relieved? Very much so
    and that is how i ended up here !
    now i just have to wait for that magical green card and a SS# and I'm all set.

    Hello America !