Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catch Up


What have i been doing since i last blogged? well that’s an interesting question. and here’s the answer.

i spent my first 4th of July in the states

DCC_0142 DCC_0151 DCC_0235 DCC_0382

I went to the beach

DSC_0313 IMG_0838 IMG_0849

I went Camping and on a boat !

IMG_0484 IMG_0556 IMG_0572 IMG_0577 IMG_0647

and to the state fair !

IMG_1205 IMG_1249 IMG_1414 IMG_1461 IMG_1487 IMG_1526 IMG_1629 IMG_1638 IMG_1688

you can see the rest of my pictures here My Flickr Photostream

I like being here, this country is beautiful.

we are taking Sam to the fair tonight which should be interesting ! so what have you guys been doing ?