Friday, January 28, 2011

My Boy is Smart

So Sam and I spent our day in the usual way, playing with trains and watching DVD’s (Todays DVD de Jour was Timmy Time)
I was fiddling with my laptop trying to get it back to 75% normal, Sam was laughing hysterically at Timmy and munching on snacks so a pleasant afternoon.
fast forward to 6:30 we are over at Lisa and Rick’s (In Laws) to have dinner as we do every Tuesday and Thursday night.
Sam is routing through the hundreds of toys he has over there and we are in the kitchen prepping.
Meanwhile Sam has found something to amuse himself with 

And then I see him running through the dining room with it, like you would in a egg and spoon race. This really surprised me I thought WOW how clever is my boy learning a new trick and amusing himself.
what I didn’t realize until 3 hours later was he’d seen Timmy doing it all afternoon!
see here Timmy video
Skip to just before 3 minutes and you will see what I mean so I grabbed a few snap shots on my phone and thought I’d share with you guys just how clever my little dude is !

Now who’s half a pie short Daddy !