Thursday, March 15, 2012

So Jealous

I am so happy for my sister in law and her husband, they finally got out of a shitty neighborhood where drive-by’s have happened and now are renting a gorgeous house in a awesome suburb.

I wish them luck not that they will need it and know that they will live a happy life together there for the foreseeable future.

(as long as V does as he’s told Winking smile)


however all their wonderful stuff makes me incredibly jealous and semi depressed. I had hopes of getting our own place be it an apartment or rented house by now. Don’t get me wrong I am happy beyond belief for them and appreciate what I have but now I want my own.



I miss being able to walk around naked or stay up all night or pass out on the couch in my underwear, You know the small stuff.



I’d like somewhere I can relax and maybe have a TV and the interwebs. I’d like to be able to play music out loud and dance around the room.

I know I have to do something and I am going to apply at every place I can think of, in the small hopes of getting an interview. I’ve got to have some freedom. I’ve got to do this for Me, For Sam and For Ben.


So congratulations R & V you deserve it !! expect me couch surfing soon Smile Love you guys !