Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Year and Counting

So 12 months ago, I left the UK for warmer shores,  a few things have happened nothing really exciting the first being I got a job, the second being I lost my job.

I have had my highs and lows and I've tried to deal with bouts of homesickness. on the whole I think I've done pretty well.

I know a few people who think I could be doing better but I say to you people let me take your family and friends away and see how you feel. I'm here and trying.

I can take criticism but when it’s not constructive, it hurts. for example tell me why I should be happy all the time…. explain to me how that is possible with the things I deal with on a daily basis ?

I don’t have a positive outlook on live, I never have but I’m getting better you may not see it now but you will… just give me time!

anyway on to other stuff..

its been a year ! Sam is growing up fast !! here’s a recent picture

IMG-20110530-01689(putting on his own pants !)

he is turning in to a real little devil but he is just adorable at the same time and he only has to look at me and I melt.

Sam started pre-school on Monday, I was sadder than he was.

we were totally unprepared for it and I can understand that this may be frustrating for people but we are first timers. we make mistakes but we learn from them.

I have been considering what to do because I am a failure as a mom but have not decided on anything yet. I continue to try my very best but its not good enough for this wonderful little boy.


I wish I was a better parent but I am who I am, and I try! 

anyone else ever feel that their best just isn’t enough? or am I really the worst mom in the world?