Thursday, April 26, 2012

Will It Ever Get Better ?

Sam got sick again.... I don't know whether it's a weakened immune system from being premature or just because he's exposed to so many germs.

Everyone has been giving me tips and advice which I really appreciate, but none of it works.
He's been coughing for over a week now and yet when we went to the doctor she said it was a virus and it would stop. no sign of that yet!

I should probably explain that Sam is special needs, he has developmental delays in many area's including speech and motor skills. He also has a reduced mental age of half what it should be. (He's 4 but has mental age of a 2 year old) He isn't potty trained because he cant consistently tell us that he needs to go.

He has epilepsy which is finally under control after 3 years of trying but so many meds daily. He cant/wont ? walk flat footed and is prone to accidents because of it.

<----- Night time medication

I love my little guy to pieces but i feel out of my depth, I feel like I'm drowning. Hes always sick or injuring himself and it breaks my heart that i cant fix him.

so far this year i think we've had 4 non sick weeks, 1 case of bacterial pneumonia, countless coughs and colds. we probably should have bought stocks in Kleenex and PediaCare. We've had countless minor accidents the latest few include walking in to a corner wall and falling on to his train set which has resulted in a train track imprint across his butt check :(

 <--- Our trip to the ER

now I feel bad because Sam is not only sick and cant sleep a full night without coughing but he's waking the rest of the house too. I wish I could take him away for a few days so everyone could get some sleep.

I haven't slept properly or in my bed since January when Sam got his pneumonia, but I don't care about me. I can manage on little sleep but things have got to start getting better soon because I just cant cope.
I wish I knew what I was doing wrong, or how to do things better.

Le Sigh.....

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