Wednesday, September 07, 2011

5 Questions

This is post 1 of 3 (or 4) this week depending on how well I feel the rest of the week.

So I was going to do a podcast but I got too nervous and embarrassed about how my voice sounds.

I asked my twitter folks to send me questions to answer on the podcast and since I didn’t do it vocally I’m going to do by text.

Q1 How did I meet my husband and Q2 how was the long distance relationship?

I met my husband playing online trivia on mIRC, in a chat room called #chataholics. We met in November 2006 got engaged in December 2006.

We had our son in December 2007 and we got Married in December 2008. I moved to the US in June 2010 after 2 years of immigration bullshit and spending the majority of the time apart. So the long distance was terribly painful being apart for so long, but we survived it.

the hardest part of any long distance relationship is the loneliness and doubt. you begin to doubt the other person still loves you and you feel isolated.


one of our first pictures

Q3 what are your favorite movies and books?

The Green Mile is one of my favorite books and movies, I love Stephen King He is a literary genius.

Also The Lovely Bones and from my childhood anything by Judy Blume.

other movies I liked include Independence day, Titanic, Event Horizon, Cars, Armageddon and Dirty Dancing.

Q What type of music do you listen to?

I like most music. I’m not a fan of rap but will tolerate most anything else.

A few of my faves are Bon Jovi, Pink, REO Speedwagon, Aerosmith and Savage Garden.


Us at REO Speedwagon concert!

and Finally

Q5 How long have you been on Twitter and does it Satisfy you?

I’ve been on twitter since 2007 but had to delete my first account due to crazy people harassing me. I love that twitter is so basic and not full of the same shit that Facebook is. its also more fun for me because I already know all my Facebook friends so getting to know new people on twitter is awesome Smile so yes I guess it does lol.


I would like to thank @LoveJohnTyree & @mr_inkinsideme for their questions.

and I would also like to thank these people for making twitter so much fun for me.

@LoveJohnTyree @getoffmyplanet @mr_inkinsideme @babe_Chilla @G_bugg @Sandrinistrivia @jbenj219 @CbearsMamma @The Falconer


Shruti said...

Yayy, loved the post, thanks for answering my questions. I'd say Wow :)

jbenj219 said...

Thats awesome! Now I feel I know more about you. Very cool! You make twitter fun and interesting for me as well! :)

duvetdiva said...

Thank you Shruti and Jessi Glad you liked the post